Recreate photos using beads!
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Recreate images
using plastic fuse beads

Beadifier PRO makes it easy to turn anything into awesomely pixelated fuse bead art. Simply import an image to convert, choose a bead palette and export the pattern.

Beadifier PRO is everything you already love about Beadifier + so much more!

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How to Recreate Images Using Plastic Fuse Beads with Beadifier
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"I subscribed right away, it's much better with high definition pictures than most programs!"


Beadifier PRO expands upon the feature set of Beadifier to enable you to get even more creative.

Convert any image

Drag-and-drop images into Beadifier.

Use common palettes

Support for using common brand color palettes.

Export to image file

Save finished patterns to your computer/device.

Export to Excel spreadsheet

Save finished patterns as Excel spreadsheets to your computer/device.

Crop and adjust

Image cropping and fine tuning of image brightness/contrast.

Create custom palettes

Combine all colors freely and save your own customized palettes.

Lifelike preview

Optional realistic rendering (ironed and non-ironed!).

Unlimited pattern size

Create as large patterns as you like.

Pattern instructions

Individual color counts, etc.

100% ad-free

No ads to clutter your view.

Light/dark mode

Easily switch between light and dark interface options.

Keyboard shortcuts

Work faster with handy keyboard shortcuts.

Language support Chinese & English Danish, English, Norwegian & Swedish
(with more coming soon)

"It's an amazing program."

"I was surprised with how easy it was to digitize certain photos and map it out in perler beads."

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