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Start creating incredible artwork from beads

Beadifier PRO lets you turn pictures into patterns optimized for any fuse bead color selection. Simply import an image to convert, specify a bead palette and export the pattern in your desired file format.

Beadifier PRO is everything you already love about Beadifier + so much more!

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"I subscribed right away, it's much better with high definition pictures than most programs!"


Beadifier PRO expands upon the features of Beadifier to supercharge your creativity:

Convert images into patterns

Import using drag-and-drop or select from files

Use common vendor colors

Up-to-date major brand color palettes

Export to image file

Save finished patterns to your computer/device

Source image editing

In-app image editing (contrast, brightness, etc.) and filters

Dithering options

Choose between dithering algorithms or turn dithering off

Export to Excel spreadsheet

Save finished patterns in Excel format

Crop, flip and rotate source image

In-app image cropping, flipping and rotation

Create custom palettes

Combine colors freely and save your personal palettes

Lifelike preview

Optional realistic bead pattern rendering

Larger pattern dimensions

Width and height is not limited to 145 beads

Bead color count

See how many beads you need for your pattern

Light/dark mode

Switch between light and dark interface

Export to PDF file

Save finished patterns in PDF format


"It's an amazing program."


"I was surprised with how easy it was to digitize certain photos and map it out in perler beads."

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